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UL L4 Movie 1: Visible light color spectrum from white light

UL L4 Movie 2: Simulation: Observing colored lights (red, green, blue)

UL L4 Movie 3: Simulation: Combining red & green lights

UL L4 Movie 4: Simulation: Combining red & blue lights and green & blue lights

UL L4 Movie 5: Simulation: Combining red, green, and blue lights

UL L4 Movie 6: Observing the effect of red gel on color spectrum

UL L4 Movie 7: Comparing effects of red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, and cyan gels on observed color spectrum

UL L4 Movie 8: White light through overlapping yellow and cyan gels

UL L4 Movie 9: The gel needed to make a yellow balloon appear to be black